Saturday, December 20, 2014

PANDORA's New Disney Jewerly Collection!

What do all girls want for the holidays?! JEWELRY! Every Holiday season, Cailli and I are obsessed with getting each other friendship/sister bracelets and rings. We are all about charms, stars and stackable rings. This Holiday season is extra magical because PANDORA has collaborated with Disney to create an epic collection that celebrates our favourite couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We are in love with the Mickey silhouette charms, the "Believe," and "Dream," necklaces we styled with alphabet dangles and the heart charms. And the best thing, is that you can mix charms from different collections. So we added some charms from the Christmas Collection for a festive appeal! You can view the collection online, and shop at any PANDORA store and Disney parks! Time to put our Minnie ears on!
 photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-1_zpsce903e66.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-6_zps5b98b951.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-2_zpse55ec722.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-3_zpse6ea3943.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-7_zpsf0ed5a02.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-4_zps429c660e.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-9_zpsf51647d8.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-011_zps7c198a0e.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-05_zps390d54a9.jpg  photo DreamandBelieveBracelet-Pandora-Beckerman_zps964aecf3.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-Beckerman-8_zps1071c489.jpg  photo PandoraJewelry-010_zpsee940590.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, December 15, 2014

January Issue for Flare Magazine!

We are so excited about the January Issue of Flare Mag! The theme for us was minimal! We went with a dark lip, slicked hair and wore Roksanda Ilincic. We can't get over how she perfects the art of color blocking and how chic her collection is. We shot at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto and loved the outdoor striped sculpture head. Here are some backstage pics and the video is coming soon!
 photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-1_zps62e5bd61.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-8_zps8bfb3bd7.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-011_zps38709055.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-3_zps81220352.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-5_zps7ff86164.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-4_zps26b67946.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-9_zps96403c8b.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-010_zps2c112071.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-6_zpsf9e6b528.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-2_zps102aa5b9.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-Toronto-RoksandaIlincic-JanuaryFlareMagazine2015-CailliandSamBeckerman-7_zpsb98f1c59.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Coach Store Opening in LA!

Last night was an epic night with Coach as we came to LA to launch the opening of the Coach Rodeo store in LA! The store is so gorgeous and filled with the brilliant creations of Creative Director, Stuart Vevers. For the Spring 2015 Collection, Coach collaborated with the amazing LA artist Gary Baseman whose Art was seen all over prints, sweaters, handbags. We are obsessed with his wild beast named Buster! And of course we got so excited with Gary drew Buster on our limited edition Coach bag---it's now a collector's piece! We were dressed head to toe in our favourite pastel faux fur Coach jackets from the Spring 2015 Collection. Then we headed to the rooftop where Skylar Grey and Kid Cudi rocked out!!! It was packed and we danced all night while Kid Cudi sang "Pursuit of Happiness."It was a night to remember! (Photo 2 and 3 by StyleScrapbook)
 photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-2_zps6daf3524.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-6_zps840619b9.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-5_zpsabf34780.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-1_zps9f660989.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-19_zps8bc0b11e.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-4_zps69b1d7ef.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-7_zps9e0f5606.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-8_zpsb415f95d.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-016_zps7f69f53c.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-9_zps4ed2a329.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-013_zps9caf3671.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-011_zps435f9b14.jpg  photo coach-coachLA-BeckermanBlog-LA-storeopening-Garybasemen-CoachSpring2015-RodeoDrive-StuartVevers-CoachBackstage-017_zps36003a5f.jpg
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Coach Holiday Gift Guide!

Tis' the Season to be shopping...and that we have! We are OBSESSED with Coach's Fall/Winter Collection! Gotta love those incredible jackets and bags! We have put together a little shopping Gift Guide below highlighting our favorite pieces from the Collection. The camouflage bags, feather necklaces, fringe gloves and cameo necklaces will be the best stocking stuffers ever! It's really the most wonderful time of the year!
 photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-1_zpsb2b6c878.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-5_zps3ce3c9cf.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-2_zpsfd07d0e1.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-7_zpsca1e0815.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-4_zps38489b0d.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-010_zps565be6dd.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-3_zps021a63ff.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-9_zps11368ccf.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-8_zps09f1f483.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-FallWinter2014-Toronto-CailliandSamBeckerman-StuartVevers-GiftGuide-011_zps61966923.jpg

Gift Guide:

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Art Basel Trip!

We had the most amazing Art Basel trip! Not only was it inspiring and awesome... it was full out FUN!!!! We saw some gorgeous Art and found out about some awesome artists like..... Anastasia Ax (deconstructive paper) Brian Belotti (stone calculators) Jimmy Trotter, Richard Hawkins, Peter Marino and more. We stayed in the most beautiful hotel, Casa Claridge. We had such a cozy stay! Not only were the beds comfy, room service was delicious, the parties at the hotel were off the chart. It is located in the Faena Art District and it was walking distance to the beach. We had the best time at the opening of the Peter Marino exhibit. There was so much leather and S&M and his artwork collection is phenomenal. We then went to an amazing Chanel dinner. It was such a special dinner and we love the Miami team so much! The next day we went to the Untitled Show. It was truly spectacular and we definitely need a Brian Belotti stone calucator! Like STAT! Later that night we went to the Paper Magazine, hosted by DKNY (they dressed us) and it was such an amazing dinner honoring Kim Kardashian and her #breaktheinternet issue! We met Kim and she is sooo fabulous and sweet! We later  went to the Moschino After party and it was  soooo much fun! A huge Barbie house was built in the back, Paris Hilton was spinning and we danced the night away with Jeremy Scott! The next morning we saw Strand Beest by Theo Jansen! We were on the beach at 6:30am and saw his amazing creatures crawl along the beach as the sun came up! It was truly an unbelievable Art Basel!    photo IMG_3668_zpse47bfc83.jpg  photo IMG_1225_zpsa7251bd3.jpg  photo IMG_3368_zps6c896999.jpg  photo IMG_1344_zps674c49d5.jpg  photo IMG_3363_zpsf674dbbd.jpg  photo IMG_3606_zpsb5a9adcb.jpg  photo IMG_3624_zpsacc2ec98.jpg  photo IMG_3655_zpsec0952a8.jpg  photo IMG_1474_zpsa4023163.jpg  photo IMG_1693_zpsbc7cf571.jpg  photo IMG_1287_zps789eb1bc.jpg  photo IMG_3164_zpsf44a6d44.jpg  photo IMG_1782_zpse216f73e.jpg  photo IMG_1699_zps26ace7c5.jpg  photo IMG_3170_zps9e065b78.jpg  photo IMG_3131_zps11654962.jpg  photo IMG_3095_zps85464299.jpg  photo IMG_2987_zps81dbdf71.jpg  photo IMG_2869_zpsdee3b723.jpg  photo IMG_2820_zpsed5954a9.jpg  photo IMG_2779_zps113ec735.jpg  photo IMG_2770_zps6845085a.jpg  photo IMG_2734_zps4371700e.jpg  photo IMG_1455_zpsbbd3b088.jpg  photo IMG_2716_zps5181c516.jpg  photo IMG_1414_zpsccbce132.jpg Pin It Now!