Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cailli- Sharks + Beach

 photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-3_zps8f5a268e.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-2_zpsb6c2231b.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-7_zpsd9c25847.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-5_zps2929ab2d.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-6_zps46a1e4fc.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-1_zps225f004f.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-4_zpsb9cdc4e1.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-8_zps549296c2.jpg

Jacket- H&M White faux fur jacket from the Studio Collection
Sweater- Skotison sweater
Pants- Skotison corduroy pants
Necklace- Kit Neale X Tatty Devine Monsters
Bag- The Rodnick Band shark bag
Shoes- Alexander Wang

The Look: Shark + Beach

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with these corduroy pants! Not only are they big and bell bottom, they are soft and are large corduroy fabric which is totally 70's and super chic! Skotison is a new label from New York and Chelsea Goldman is the fabulous designer behind it. She designed for Prozena Schouler and Celine before that. Her knitwear sweater is also amazing because it feels like its leather knitted together. I topped it off with this Kit Neale x Tatty Devine Monster necklace... which is such a showstopper! I am in love with these little monsters! They all have names.. like Bianca, Denise and Stacey! lol! They can either be worn as charms on bags or put all together as a necklace. It's my new favorite necklace and I'm never taking them off. The shark bag is by our awesome designer friend Philip Cobert, from The Rodnik Band who designs such fun pieces! This shark bag was made for the beach. We just did a really fun collaboration together in Toronto, at the Design Exchange, and you have to check out his new collection with Peanuts! It rocks! I also met a cute pup on the beach who wanted his photo taken with me! hahah! It was such a fun day :)  Pin It Now!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sam- Winter Beach + Red Plaid

 photo coachplaidjacket-beckermangirls-sisters-blondes-canada-streetstyle-fashion-bloggers-coach-pamelaloveearrings-vintagehat_zpsddee7f3c.jpg  photo sambeckerman-fallwinter2014-plaidcoat-coach-fringebag-alexanderwangshoes-beckerman_zps06ef58eb.jpg  photo beckermanblog-twins-coach-coachgirl-fall2014-collection-beckermanblog_zps8119c562.jpg  photo coachbag-fringemessengerbag-beckerman-sisters-stuartvevers-coach_zpse2a4fa7b.jpg photo coach-beckermanblog-streetstyle-stuartvevers-toronto-canada-winter_zps55a76bb4.jpg  photo coach-coachfall2014-woolhoundstoothparka-dakotahfringeflapcrossbodyinwhiplashleather-beckermanblog-sisters_zpse5e3652f.jpg  photo sambeckerman-beckermanblog-beckermantwins-sisters-redplaid-fringe-coach-coachfall2014winter_zps475cee45.jpg  photo sambeckerman-girls-twins-beach-thebeaches-canda-toronto-winter-coachxbeckerman_zps80ce1ff7.jpg
 photo samanthabeckerman-coach-girl-sisters-canada-lakeontario-coachbag-fallwinter_zps19dfcf72.jpg

Jacket- Coach Houndstooth Parka
Hat- Vintage
Bag- Coach Dakotah Fringed Bag
Long Sleeve(under)- Proenza Schouler
Necklace- Coach Cameo Pendant Necklace
Shoes- Alexander Wang

The Look: Winter Beach + Red Plaid

Fun Fact: Can I just say that, I love going to the beach in the Winter! LOL! The beach is cold and serene, but it's so quiet and beautiful. I'm obsessed with the chain detail on this Coach Dakotah bag. It's sooo obsessive especially with all that fringe! And my new favourite coat... uh huh.. this one! This coat is so unbelievably soft, woodsy and the large pockets and hood make this coat boss!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Sam- Art Store + Monster Choupette

 photo monsterchoupette-beckerman-karllagerfeld-karl-twins-sisters_zpsa06d5c1e.jpg  photo sambeckerman-artstore-currysartstore-toronto-canada-streetstyle-paints_zpsb68582b6.jpg  photo beckermantwins-karl-lagerfeld-choupette-monter-cat-fauxfur-hm-curryartsotre-canada_zps89668225.jpg  photo beckermanblog-sisters-beckermantwins-artstore-paintstore_zps94b6741d.jpg  photo marcjacobsbag-hmcoat-beckermanblog-girls-streetstyle_zpsb48d678e.jpg  photo beckermantwins-sambeckerman-girls-beckermanblog-balenciagaboots_zps5830eef0.jpg  photo kaelennyc-balenciagaboots-samanthabekerman-twins-streetstyle-toronto_zps98dcaaa3.jpg  photo hmstudiocollectionjacket-fauxfur-beckermantwins-sisters-beckermanblog-canada_zps26a67c20.jpg

Jacket- H&M Studio faux fur jacket
Pants- Kaelen NYC pants
Shirt- Karl Lagerfeld Monster Choupette T-shirt
Bag- Marc Jacobs Luna Bag
Boots- Balenciaga

The Look: Art Store + Monster Choupette

Fun Fact: Today we were running around and picking up some Art supplies! We stopped off at Curry's and got some water-colour paints and decided to take some snaps in this colourful, happy store. We love Karl Lagerfeld's kitty, Choupette because we she is adorable, and we always dress our pups up as Karl Lagerwoof! Lagerfeld just launched Monster Choupette, which is a line that features his kitty on it! And we love it! I paired this Choupette tee with my new fav' pants designed by our friend Kaelen. The ruffles zip off and they are the coolest pants ever! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grazia Mexico Photoshoot!

We had the best time shooting with Grazia Mexico! The November issue is out, along with a three page interview. Our adventure in Mexico City was out of this world fun. We got to visit the Pyramids, do a fashion conference, and visit Frida Khalo and Diego's house. It was a magical experience that we will never forget! Photography by: Ana Iram, Hair by: Lee Lilttle, Makeup by: Daniel Avilan, Stylist: Cynthia Grajales, Art by: Typewear
 photo graziamexico-beckermans-beckermanblog-november2014-beckermansinmexico-1a_zpsf78002f6.jpg  photo graziamexico-beckermans-beckermanblog-november2014-beckermansinmexico-2a_zpsb5de2754.jpg  photo graziamexico-beckermans-beckermanblog-november2014-beckermansinmexico-4a_zpscb51cb1a.jpg  photo graziamexico-beckermans-beckermanblog-november2014-beckermansinmexico-5_zpsa8867dfe.jpg  photo graziamexico-beckermans-beckermanblog-november2014-beckermansinmexico-6_zpsb80cb42d.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cabin in the Woods + Coach

 photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-1_zps4bdb76f6.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-3_zps3412000b.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-011_zpsa145a999.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-8_zps996dd72e.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-4_zps55405caa.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-5_zpsc268b291.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-9_zps3b2b768b.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-010_zps64263616.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-2_zps7390714f.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-6_zps185f4ef5.jpg  photo coach-stuartvevers-Fall2014-beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-7_zps547edd7a.jpg

Jacket- Coach Shearling Jacket
Necktie- Vintage Bandanna
Bag- Coach Rhyder Flap Clutch
Shoes-Coach Urban Hiker Boot

The Look: Cabin in the Woods + Coach

Fun Fact: I obsessed over this jacket when I first saw it at Coach's Fall 2014 Fashion Show last February. Everything about it, the oversized fit, the shearling, the colours, those pockets.....I'm in loooove! And then I saw it in every amazing magazine, shot by Steven Miesel. It's my favourite winter jacket, ever! I'm ready for the Deep Freeze, here in Toronto! Bring it on, baby! I'm also in love with this bag. It looks like a lego bag and I'm obsessed with the back red zipper and how much it can hold.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It's coming to H&M tomorrow on November 6th!!! The #ALEXANDERWANGXHM Designer Collaboration! We took the clothes to the track with Flare Magazine in this months November issue, to test them out and we are obsessed! On your mark, Get set... WANG! To see the behind the scenes video, check it out here! And to see the launch event in New York and our review of the collection, check it out here!
 photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-8_zps712ab8e3.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-010_zps781c1bb5.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-1_zpsf0f14231.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-4_zps721458c9.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-011_zpscf59d566.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-6_zpsfe62f53f.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-5_zps3e9769d0.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-7_zps54892d53.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-012_zpsc5a1bcef.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-AlexanderWang-HM-ALEXANDERWANGXHM-FlareMagazine-Toronto-013_zpsf6f35c1b.jpg Pin It Now!